Hookey Ring Toss Game, Solid New Zealand Pine Wood

Hookey Ring Toss Game, Solid New Zealand Pine Wood

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Round the Clock or Race To 101

The game of hookey is an Australian classic. Toss your rings and snag'em on an open hook to score your points. An irresistible cross between ring toss & darts . this simple game of skill is easy to learn . tough to master!

Why You'll Love It:

Hookey is great for getting two or more people up and moving! While it's easy for kids . teens . and adults to learn . it takes some practice to win. The board is made from natural New Zealand Pine that is strong and durable to withstand and tosses or drops. Set up is made simple with an attached hanger on the board. Choose between the standard and expert versions to play and you'll be hooked!

Includes: Hookey board . 6 red rubber rings . 6 black rubber rings

How To Play:

1. First . decide on a winning point value. Traditional Hookey plays to 101 . but you can go as high as you wish.

2. To decide who throws first . each player throws six rings. The highest scorer starts the game.

3. The first player throws 6 rings . one at a time . and tallies their score. If all six rings are hooked . the player throws a bonus 7th ring. After this . play alternates to the next player.

4. To win . a player much reach the agreed upon point value exactly. Any points scored above the winning value are subtracted!

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